Pregnant again….

     In November of 2010, I got very sick. I thought I had the flu, it was that time of year after all. After a few days of yacking, I finally wised up with panic. What if I’m pregnant again? It made sense, I was tired all the time, and in pain more and more. I stopped being able to do somethings around the house, and I was just hoping I had a bad flu. So I got a pregnancy test, yep, positive. What was I going to do? When the doctor sent me for the first ultrasound, I was sure I had miscarried becuse my nausea had subsided, and my hormones seemed to be more stable. They found the baby, and it was alive! Its heart was beating at 168! With the measure they said I was 12 weeks already. Knowing my body, I probably was more than that, my babies are always small, one at 7lbs the other at 5lbs. Since it looked like I was going to stay pregnant, I went home and searched the internet for hours about people who have cesarean nerve damage, and get pregnant after. There was hardly any research, most was unclear, some said that the nerves pop out of the inscesion line after a certain point in their pregnancy, others just said the pain grew and became worse until the day of delivery. There was also talk of some becoming better after the surgeon re-did the incision. I feared the future, was I going to be in more pain, back to the life I had just been freed from? Or was I facing a future with no nerve pain at all? This blog was made to keep record of it all, in hopes that if you too are facing the same thing, my journey will help you.


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